Yamagata Prefecture

Yamagata Prefecture, located on the Sea of Japan side of the Tohoku region, is filled with the beauty of nature, such as the steep Mogami River, and is surrounded by mountains listed in Japan's 100 Mountains, such as Mt. Zao, Mt. Chokai, and Mt. Nishiazuma.

Yamagata is known as the "hot springs kingdom", and features several types of hot springs, both old and new, such as the Zao hot springs, located nearby the Zao ice trees referred to as "snow monsters", the Ginzan hot springs, where an old townscape is preserved, as well as hot springs where modern large-scale inns are gathered.

Yamagata is also known for its agricultural products, such as rice, soba (buckwheat), Yonezawa beef, as well as cherries and pears, of which the prefecture boasts the nation's most crop yield. It is filled with rich tourism resources including food, tradition, and nature.


Access from Tokyo to Yamagata

  • Airplane
    Haneda - Yamagata Around 1 hour
  • Shinkansen (Tohoku-shinkansen/Yamagata-shinkansen)
    Tokyo - Yamagata around 2 hours 40 minutes~
  • Express bus
    Tokyo - Yamagata around 5 hours 30 minutes~
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